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Do you have old family photographs of great family activities, each a good memory you revisit more often than not? Have you ever made something for someone that they treasure forever?  Would you like to share it with the world? Or would you like to turn your wholesome, homespun and heartfelt idea into someone’s next heartfelt gift but don’t quite know where to start?


… or into a NEW BRAND with YOUR NAME on it …

I CARVED CHEVIN’S ENGAGEMENT RING, but I didn’t know how. A quick trip to a nearby stream solved the problem with a two karat chip of rose quartz – and that’s something my bride will treasure forever. LESSON LEARNED: The thought matters more than whatever is in the box.

I CARVED “REJOICE,” OUR CAKE TOPPER, but I didn’t know where to start. It became the first Good Woodley, which started the entire Stephen Kelley brand.  LESSON LEARNED: Your idea might lead to something much better and bigger than you ever thought.

I CARVED “RELEASE” FROM AN OLD FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH I found in Mom’s keepsake trunk.  LESSON LEARNED: Your memories and my memories are often quite alike, so why not share the best of them with everyone else.

I CREATED MY WEDDING BAND  from a very old nut and named it One Old Nut, simply because it fit.  LESSON LEARNED:  When you have nothing to make someone from, make something from nothing much that you have.

SO HERE’S MY TRIPLE DOG DARE which you cannot refuse, according to Schwartz in “The Christmas Story” flagpole scene.  Find your favorite family photo [or several] that might be the next Playground StoryCarving.  Or find your favorite old Valentine’s Day card that could be the next Love & Adore StoryCarving.  PS. You get extra credit if it’s a 1960’s cut-out from our elementary school days.  If selected, you’ll spend a Good & Carving Weekend in Pop’s Shop  … and you’ll receive Co-Design Credit, a signed Early First Artist Proof and a Family Feature on

JUST FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Include your name, phone number, a photograph and the story behind it – and look forward to my phone call.

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