REJOICE Cake Topper


REJOICE ©, the cake topper, is the first  Good Woodley in the LOVE & ADORE © Collection, each based on little cut-out “Be my Valentine” cards from our elementary school days and perfect for every loving occasion or just because “I Love You!”


  • A 10% DISCOUNT on all future Stephen Kelley purchases.
  • An EARLY NOTICE on future First Editions.
  • A CHANCE TO WIN one yearly, one-of-a-kind StoryCarving.
  • A GOOD CHIP of wood from my original. Just send a photo in hand & your selection reason.

REJOICE (the cake topper) stands 7.5″ x 5″ x 2″ and features …

  • 26 Handcrafted Good Woodley pieces, each hand painted & hand assembled.
  • A Hand-tied Ribbon on the bonnet.
  • 4 Good Need Beads modeled on Chevin’s mom’s necklace.
  • A Standing Platform modeled from a vintage croquet ball.
  • A Unique Display Base originally fabricated from vintage wooden shutter vanes and tacks.
  • A Good Woodley StoryCard with a StoryArt print, a Thank You card and a simple gift box.

For Chevin and I, the four beads represent what we desired from each other: respect, patience, forgiveness and please listen.