MELT © is a Good Woodley © from the HEY SNOW © Collection and features a good little character who cares more about another than about his own snow-time plan.  HEY came by his name when Good Little exclaimed, “Hey, it’s snowing!”  And so the story goes.


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  • An EARLY NOTICE on future First Editions.
  • A CHANCE TO WIN one yearly, one-of-a-kind StoryCarving.
  • A GOOD CHIP of wood from my original. Just send a photo in hand & your selection reason.

MELT stands 9″ x 7″ x 4″ and features …

  • 27 Handcrafted Good Woodley pieces, each hand painted & hand assembled.
  • A Good Woodley StoryCard with a Thank You card and a simple gift box.
  • A Snow-covered Platform modeled from a vintage croquet mallet.
  • A Unique Display Base modeled from vintage wooden shutter vanes and furniture tacks.