BACK © is an EARLY FIRST EDITION Good Woodley © from the Family Time Collection. It’s also a Good & Caring charitable design for Blessings In a Backpack, Feed the Children and Feeding America, organizations that distribute weekend food to hungry students. Up to 75% of all GOOD & CARING sales (after actual cost-of-goods only) are distributed.

BACK stands 5.5″ x 4.75″ x 3″ and features:

  • 22 Handcrafted Good Woodley pieces, each hand painted & hand assembled.
  • A Backpack  full of boxed, canned goods and a banana, too.
  • A Ladder with well worn rungs, suggesting our steps in life have been traveled before us.
  • A Standing Platform originally styled from old wooden shutter vanes and tacks.
  • A Display Base that compliments the Standing Platform.
  • A Good Woodley StoryCard with a Thank You card and a simple gift box.

An EARLY FIRST is  a ONE OF A HUNDRED StoryCarving that is ADVANCE PURCHASED at pre-production prices and with EARLY FIRST BENEFITS that make the 90+ day, early first wait very worthwhile and totally risk-free, just like Kickstarter, including:

  • An EARLY FIRST EDITION numbered from 1 to 100.
  • A 10% EARLY FIRST DISCOUNT on all future Stephen Kelley purchases.
  • An EARLY FIRST NOTICE on future Early Firsts.
  • An EARLY FIRST WEEKEND invitation to design a StoryCarving in Pop’s Shop, on my dime.
  • A GOOD CHIP of wood from my original. Just send a photo in hand & your selection reason.
  • A CHANCE TO WIN one yearly, one-of-a-kind StoryCaring original.

Early First payments are held in a secure SQUARE merchant account until 100 purchases are made, at which time payments transfer to Stephen Kelley, LLC, the Equal Value Coupon and all other benefits are issued, and manufacturing begins.

This GOOD & CARING design was inspired by A Blessings In a Backpack comment. “A hungry student can’t learn  with a stomach that talks louder than the teacher.  But when healthy instead of hungry, they can climb the ladder of life easier, and more so when someone is giving them a leg up.”